Unbelievable Saigon motorbike tour to Dalat via Central Highlands – 5 Days

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This awesome Saigon motorbike tour to Dalat in is the perfect way to discover the countryside in Mekong delta and the scenery of the Central Highlands via Ben Tre, Dong Xoai, Cu Jut, Lak Lake

Destination: Saigon Ben Tre Dong Xoai Cu Jut Lak Dalat

Duration: 5 Days / 4 Nights

Total approx: 750 km.

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Saigon motorbike tour to Dalat via Central Highlands – Itinerary:

Day 1: Saigon motorbike tour to Dalat via Central Highlands : Saigon motorbike tour to Ben Tre (140 km – 4 hours ride)

Saigon Motorbike Tour to Ben Tre
Saigon Motorbike Tour to Ben Tre

You will leave the busy Saigon for Can Tho, on the way you will visit and learn how to make the well-known Go Den rice-wine and get to try it for yourself.  Next on to Song Hau where you will explore the fruit plantations where they have various kinds of fruit that you find in the tropical area of the Mekong Delta. Last, you will visit the traditional ceramics and incense village. Traveling through the flat area to enjoy the breath-taking view of the rice fields before overnight in Ben Tre.

Meals: Lunch, Dinner

Day 2: Saigon motorbike tour to Dalat via Central Highlands : Ben Tre motorbike tour to Dong Xoai (190 km – 5 hours ride)

Leave Ben Tre for Dong Xoai, visit ancient pagoda, Cao Dai Temple,…etc. Stop in the local village to learn how the locals make rice papers, noodle, mat,…  Head to the Ho Chi Minh trail to learn more about the Civil War of Vietnam before 1975 as well as enjoy the beautiful scenery of the area, visit the local farms before arrive in Dong Xoai around 5 p.m

Saigon motorbike tour to Dalat via Central Highlands
Dong Xoai motorbike tour

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 3: Saigon motorbike tour to Dalat via Central Highlands : Dong Xoai motorcycle tour to Cu Jut (210 km – 6 hours ride)

Continue following the Ho Chi Minh trail to Soc Bom Bo village to enjoy the hospitable nature of Ede Ethnic Minority people as well as their culture. Stop in local village to see how locals make another kind of rice wine,… and then visit cashew nut and rubber plantations  before heading to Cu Jut and stay overnight in the bungalow next to Virgin waterfall.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 4: Saigon motorbike tour to Dalat via Central Highlands : Cu Jut motorbike tour to Lak Lake (100 km – 3 hours ride)

Saigon motorbike tour to Dalat via Central Highlands
Lak Lake motorbike tours to Dalat

Traveling to one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Vietnam: Dray Nu and Dray Sap falls, dip your body in the Fairy Pool to cool you down before trekking to the top of elephant mountain to enjoy the panoramic views of the area, and then travel to Lak Lake before the sunset to have some great shots of M’nong Ethnic minority’s fishermen on the lake. Overnight in Lak lake where you can choose to do homestay or stay in the guesthouse.

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Day 5: Saigon motorbike tour to Dalat via Central Highlands : Lak Lake motorbike tour to Dalat (165 km – 5 hours ride)

Saigon motorbike tour to Dalat via Central Highlands
Lak Lake motorbike tours to Dalat

You can ride elephant or boat to pass the Lake to visit M’lieng ethnic minority village and then explore Jun village to learn more about the rural life of M’nong tribe. Stop at foot of the mountain to see how locals make chopsticks,…and the farmers who cultivate goods on their lands such as flowers, coffee, tea, mushrooms, vegetables, then head to Dalat and visit the highlights of Dalat such as Crazy House, Dragon Pagoda, Former Railway Station,… arrive in Dalat around 5p.m. 

Meals: Breakfast, Lunch.


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Unbelievable Saigon motorbike tour to Dalat via Central Highlands – 5 Days
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– We endeavour to select a combination of good quality hotels that reflect the character of the local area as well as being as centrally located as possible, all the while striving to keep the cost affordable.

– Your trip will stay in a range of hotels / guesthouses with standardized quality.

– Please be aware that some hotel rooms, especially those in major urban centres or older cities, may be smaller than what you are used to in other parts of the world. Standards and ratings may also be different to your home country.

– Rooms are en-suite and either twin- or triple-share, depending on what you have booked. If you are a solo traveller, you will always be sharing a room with someone of the same sex otherwise you can pay a supplement to possess a single room

– If you are traveling as a couple and would prefer to have a double bed, please officially request a double room with us. We never presume that two people traveling together are a couple, even if you share the same surname, unless informed otherwise.

– Your included meals are detailed in the ‘More Inclusions’ section of this document.

– Breakfasts are included every day in the hotel (except on the first morning). They are usually ‘continental breakfasts’, which are typical in most countries. A typical breakfast may consist of cereals with milk or yoghurt, bread, croissants, cold meats, cheese and a range of spreads, with fruit juice, tea or coffee to drink. It is rare to get a hot breakfast in Asia, though on some occasions there may be some hot food available as well.
Included evening meals are in local restaurants or accommodation places, and are either two or three courses. In most cases table water is provided with the meals, and if you wish to purchase additional drinks you can do so at your own expense.

– If you have any dietary requirements we will make every effort to cater to your specific needs as long as you advise your travel agent when you book, or make note by email before you set out. But please be aware that although we will do everything in our power to arrange it, we cannot guarantee that every restaurant we use will be able to cater to all dietary needs, particularly in Asia. We also cannot cater for tastes or dislikes, as most of our included evening meals feature a set menu.

* Ten Tips to Survive Vietnam’s Traffic:
+ DON’T spend hours waiting to cross the street on foot: that constant tide of traffic won’t stop until late at night, so

+ DO as the Vietnamese do: take the plunge and inch slowly across. Observe the Miracle of the Red Sea, as the traffic parts like magic, flowing smoothly in front of you or behind, meeting up again on the other side.

+ DON’T make any sudden or unpredictable movements: freeze if you have to, but never lunge forward or backward towards the safety of the sidewalk. In fact, you can do just about anything, but do it with conviction!

+ DON’T forget, if you’re riding or driving, to look where you’re going – all the time: if you hit anything in front of you, then it’s your fault.

+ DO give way to any vehicle bigger and noisier than yours. Trucks and buses are particularly dangerous: often old, sometimes unsafe and usually all over the road.

+ DO watch out for unfamiliar obstacles: water buffaloes, rocks of various sizes, broken-down trucks…, people sitting in the road, missing bridges, girls in ao dai cycling five abreast, slow-moving mountains of farm produce, dog fights, impromptu football matches, piles of building materials – and almost no light on anything at night..

+ DON’T hesitate to take evasive action – even if this sometimes means leaving the tarmac or coming to a dead stop.

+ DO try to avoid getting involved in one of the all-too-frequent minor accidents that plague Vietnam’s roads (and the major ones as well, of course), but if you are unlucky,

+ DON’T lose your cool, in spite of the interference of the large and vocal crowd that may gather: try to settle things amicably and swiftly. Sometimes, paying a reasonable amount of money will save you a lot of hassle.

+ DO remember that the only rule is: you’re not allowed to bump into anybody… irrespective of what they did or should have done, or of what the road signs or traffic lights were telling them to do. Some people still seem to think that anything red means forward, comrade

* Tipping for guides & mechanic:
Our crews never expect tips themselves and will not ask for any; that’s not what friends do! However, so if you are really satisfied with all of what they did for you, please don’t mind tipping them a bit with a normal norm of US$ 7 – US$ 10/person for a guide per day and US$ 3 – US$ 5/person for a mechanic per day. (just don’t forget Mum’s souvenir).


Accommodation based on twin or triple sharing at standard hotels

Motorbike(s) (Honda or Yamaha)


Driving gears

Gasoline on tour

English speaking guide

Meals as indicated in the itinerary

Entrance fees & Sightseeing fees


Travel insurance




Personal expenses


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